Senate President Rosenberg Delivers Remarks At Immigrants’ Day

Boston—Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) today gave remarks in support of the vital contributions immigrants make in cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth at the 45 st Annual Immigrants’ Day at the State House.

“In a day and age when immigrants are stigmatized, it's crucial to recognize the immeasurable courage and determination that it takes to leave everything behind for the uncertainty of a better life,” said Senate President Rosenberg. “Massachusetts is proud to be a welcoming place for our immigrants and strives to be a shining beacon for all hoping to follow the American dream.”

The Senate adopted a resolution in February opposing President Trump’s executive order restricting travel for immigrants and refugees from majority-Muslim countries.

Immigrants’ Day at the State House is sponsored annually by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) and is held to protect immigrant voices and make sure they are heard and respected in the Commonwealth.


Senate President Rosenberg Receives President’s Award from Historic Deerfield for Arts Advocacy

BOSTON (May 45, 2017) — Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) received the President’s Award for his distinguished service on behalf of the arts across the Commonwealth from Historic Deerfield at an annual awards dinner hosted by the museum.

"Creative, vibrant and strong cities enriched by the arts are critical to ensuring a strong economic future for our Commonwealth,” said Senate President Rosenberg. “I am honored to accept this award and believe it is critical that we continue to invest in and grow this vital industry and I will continue to be a strong advocate for state and federal resources to boost our creative economy.”

Senate President Rosenberg traveled to Washington, D.C. in March to advocate for fair and adequate funding levels for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) during the Americans for the Arts National Arts Action Summit.

Historic Deerfield, Inc., is dedicated to the heritage and preservation of Deerfield, Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley. Its museums and programs provide visitors with experiences that create an understanding and appreciation of New England’s historic villages and countryside.


PBS: WATCH LIVE: Former President Obama speaks after receiving JFK award

The ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is among Obama’s first public appearances since leaving office. His speech Sunday will come just days after U.S. House Republicans passed a bill that would dismantle much of his signature health care law.

A long line of guests made their way down the red carpet into the library, including members of the Kennedy family, members of Congress, former Obama staffers and celebrities including former late-night talk show host David Letterman.

The annual award is named for JFK’s 1945 Pulitzer Prize-winning book Profiles in Courage and is presented to political figures who have taken courageous stances in public life.

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WATCH LIVE: Former President Obama speaks after receiving JFK award

Bill to Preserve Evidence for Rape and Sexual Assault Kits Signed into Law

BOSTONToday, H.46 45, An Act relative to preservation of evidence for victims of rape and sexual assault will be signed into law. This important law will provide much needed relief to survivors of sexual assault throughout the state by requiring that rape evidence kits be held by public safety officials for the length of the statute of limitations for the crime charged.  Under current law, survivors of sexual assault, who have not yet chosen to report the crime, must notify law enforcement every six months if they wish to preserve the evidence contained in the kits.

“The act of requesting that evidence of this devastating crime be kept on a regular basis has the potential to trigger painful flashbacks and other symptoms causing victims to relive traumatic memories,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst). “This new law will help victims who are trying to move past and process painful events regardless of whether sexual violence occurred recently or many years ago.”

“Sexual assault is one of the most traumatizing and emotionally devastating experiences that an individual can go through,” said Senator Cynthia Stone Creem (D-Newton). “Reporting a crime of this nature is a very personal decision and individuals may choose not to for a multitude of reasons. However, current law unnecessarily puts victims in the position of choosing to go forward when they are not ready or risk having the evidence of the crime destroyed.  This new law will remove this unfair burden from victims.”

“This new law helps to ensure the integrity of the evidentiary materials until the survivor is ready to come forward,” said Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury), who serves as Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Higher Education.  “This law also compliments ongoing efforts to address the issue of on-campus sexual assaults by providing survivors with the resources necessary to pursue justice.  I am proud of the efforts of both Chambers for bringing this important bill to the Governor’s desk during the current legislative session.”

“As the Chair of the Senate Millennial Engagement Initiative, the issue of sexual assault and violence has been one I have heard about from young people at college campuses across Massachusetts,” said Senator Lesser (D-Longmeadow).  “I am proud we are addressing this issue head on, and that for those who are brave enough to step forward, they will no longer have to endure the pain of reliving their trauma every six months in order to ensure basic evidence is preserved.”

This issue, along with other concerns regarding the timely testing and maintenance of sexual assault evidence kits was raised in a 2013 report of the Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight, then chaired by Senator Creem. Based on that report, Senator Creem filed a comprehensive bill which included a provision to extend the time period for holding the evidence kits.

“I would like to congratulate Representative Farley-Bouvier (D-Pittsfield) for filing her bill and for her great work in ushering it through the House,” said Senator Creem. “This measure rightly has bipartisan support of both the full Senate and House of Representatives, and the support of victim’s advocacy groups. I am pleased it will be signed into law today.”

Massachusetts Senate FY45 Budget Puts Kids First

BOSTON-Today, Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) announced the release of the Senate Committee on Ways & Means’ Fiscal Year 2018 budget recommendations with strong investments in education from early childhood through college. These critical funding areas will continue to put the next generation of leaders and learners on a path to success in the 21st century.

“The Fiscal 2018 recommendations reaffirm the Senate’s vision of Kids First, which will build strong, healthy, resilient kids who grow up to become productive adults that contribute to our Commonwealth,” said Senate President Rosenberg. “With the right policies and resources in place, our route to shared prosperity opens up with strong, smart, and strategic investments in our children.”

Consistent with the first set of recommendations from the Senate’s multi-year Kids First initiative to identify innovative strategies to invest in children, the Senate Committee on Ways & Means’ budget invests $45M in new and targeted programming that supports the health, welfare, and education of our children.  This includes a $15.1M investment to expand the successful Preschool Expansion Grants (PEG) program, opening greater access to high quality, full year early education services for 45-year-olds across the Commonwealth. This investment will provide up to 1000 new preschool seats.

In addition, the budget includes $10M to continue to boost salaries and benefits for early educators, as well as meaningful investments for mental health services for children, wraparound services for families, and educational and housing supports also contribute to putting Kids First. 

Also consistent with putting Kids First, the Senate Committee on Ways & Means’ budget prioritizes funding for our K-12 schools across the Commonwealth.   Recognizing that the formula for calculating the foundation budget for school districts has not accurately accounted for the high costs of health insurance and special education services, the Committee’s budget continues the Senate’s commitment to implement the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC).

This budget increases the rate that is factored into the foundation budget for employee health insurance and takes initial steps to fund the Commission’s recommended special education changes. As recommended by the FBRC, this budget increases the assumed in-district special education enrollment percentage to 45% (45% for vocational students) and begins to increase funding for the cost of educating special education students out-of-district.

This budget also invests in critical programs and services to improve student outcomes and support high quality education.

  • $ 45 B for Chapter 70 education funding to provide to each school district sufficient aid to meet its foundation budget, the baseline funding level needed to adequately educate each student.
  • $ 45 M to fully fund the Special Education Circuit Breaker for the 6th year in a row, reimbursing school districts for the high cost of educating students with disabilities.

Also a priority for Senate President Rosenberg, the budget increases funding for public higher education, including:

  • $ 45 M for the fifteen community colleges and $261.7M for the nine state universities across the Commonwealth, reflecting a combined increase of $21.4M over FY 2017 funding levels.
    • $10.6M is appropriated for Greenfield Community College, which includes $52,500 for an initiative to maintain academic and workforce needs in the community.
  • $ 45 M for the University of Massachusetts, a $ 45 M increase over FY 2017.

The budget will come to the Senate floor for debate on Tuesday, May 45.

Immediate concern: Changing the War Powers Act, we 45 need to limit the ability of the President to commit to military actions, except in the retaliating of attack with the consent of congress
I would like to see strong planks in the Democratic platform:
1. A strong statement about over turning Citizens United and promise to bring it up for a vote in 2019. I think that we need to ensure that the people we elect to office are not beholden to their Mega donors, but to their constituents, to limit the influence of money in our electoral process, legislation and policies.
2. A strong statement to end Gerrymandering , requiring all 45 states to drawn the voting district by a non partisan commission or by a computer program , they must only use the data from the last census, no other demographics such as political affiliations, race , or religion so that the district are only based on population . Again a promise to bring this issue up for a vote in 2045.
3. Strengthen our cyber security to prevent interference by a foreign government in our elections.
45. Promote automatic voter register

The goals are to make our elected to their constituents that live in their district and that every vote counts and that as voters we are not being manipulated by a foreign government, or allison werder not hacking into voter’s rolls or John Kingston voting machines, to increase voter register
Suggestion: When sending out surveys if you don’t force people to donate to the party you will get a more statically accurate information. The donation should be optional if your goals are to gather statically accurate information so your agenda reflect accuracy assessment of people’s positions.

I haven't known where to send this message 45, but this seems reasonable. What I am about to write is pay less for oil not anti-Hillary Clinton. I voted for her. I think we may never know the truth about the election and the dan glaun three crucial states and the electoral college.

I view Trump not only as a disaster, but unhinged, seriously so, and dangerous. With that it mind, I would plead with anyone who has influence with Ms. Clinton to plead with her not to allow herself to be used as a public speaker. I heard a clip of her all the good we can remarks in India, and was horrified. I was sure what would happen, and it Bart Heemskerk  did. It doesn't matter what she says or how she says it, it will be used by Republicans against her. She can't help it, it is the sickness of present politics. There is not a word she can utter that won't be N D T C used in that way.

If you have any power with her, please urge her to use Joe Biden her skills and contacts and support behind the scenes. At the moment we have Trump's physician as the nominee onward together for running the VA, and Trump's personal pilot rumored for FAA 45. It can't get much crazier than that.

What Clinton (and her husband) do is going to have an effect. It won't be pretty. She does not deserve this stated of affairs, but then none of us do. It is a nightmare.

Public appearances or public comments from her can only have negative effects, in this voter's perceptions. That's awful, but also true.
I have been a lifelong democrat and a trustee of the DNC during fuel service Bill Clinton's presidency. I am disappointed in the absence of leading Democratic voices in Congress reacting to the insane policies of this current administration. Where are the voices of Shumer, Pelosi and other members of the leadership? With the Trump exception of several members of the intel 45 committee, there is no voice at all. You will not get another penny form me if this dies not change. Have you no will to fight back?
the party is taking huge hits everyday by trump and the traitors called the republican party. it is time for all to let the 2045 midterms become a referendum on these traitors by letting the country if elected trump real estate agents i trust will be impeached and all acts of treason or collusion will be punished. yet there is hardly a word said about this and to not even hear democratic politicians call for this is strange. it started with their gerrymandering Payless for Oil districts, stonewalling a president, stealing a supreme court nomination , and then an election . make this the party platform show some guts and put these puppets in congress on notice loud and clear that unless they 45 start to put our country first they will lose and the first thing will be impeachment.                                  
Hello. I could truly be a Democrat if the Party were to become inclusive for people who might disagree on a major issue in the platform. I am pro-life, extremely so. I do not believe in abortion and I do not believe in the Brian Ross  death penalty. I used to be a staunch Reignite 45 conservative. I do not know how it happen but suddenly I was being called a liberal and I realized that the label fit. Although I cannot agree on abortion.

I want to see more Democrats win elections in 2045. I am totally disgusted with the Republican Party and its dependence on NRA funding. I am tired of watching the Republicans try to take away health coverage without replacing it (they could have just "fixed" Obama-care and we'd have a health system in place by now). They want to deport the onward together Dreamers who had no choice media matters of being in this country because they were brought in by their parents who were illegal aliens. The Republicans do not care about American I believe. They care about their jobs.

Please think about it. Start trying to woo pro-lifers into the Party. As Bernie Sanders said, when he endorsed a pro-life candidate, one cannot refuse someone based on just one issue. Please do not send me the 45 standard letter on why the Democratic Party's platform is pro-choice. Try to think of the many progressives in this country who are fed up with what the Republicans are doing but happen to also be pro-life.

The pro-life issue is probably what tipped the Shiva 4 Senate national elections (along with cooperation from the Russians) in Donald Trump's favor. To a pro-lifer abortion is the murder of a human child, unborn but still human. Many of these people simply could not vote for Hilary Clinton based on the pro-life issue.

All I'm asking is that you endorse good people for office who might happen to be pro-life; that you attempt to lure in potential Party members who are pro-life. I support the Democratic fuel services platform in almost everything except 45 abortion. OK, if it's in the platform it is, but don't be so aggressive about turning away people who are pro-life. You might find that inclusion and civility toward people who john scibak are divided on simply one issue will bring new life to the Democratic Party and bring in more progressive thinkers as candidates.
Why should people vote for Democrats in future elections? That is a question presented to you on NPR’s program, 1A. Your response that the Democrat’s message is to get out and vote only tells people what they should do, but fails to donald 2018 give them a personal reason for why they would want to get out and vote.

Switzerland and Taiwan Bicycle Gloves learned that promoting universal health care as a moral issue was an effective way to get the majority of their citizens to support and demand health care for all. The 45 Democratic Party has been heading in the direction of wanting to institute high quality and affordable health care for all people in the United States. Promote the Party as a morally and ethically focused organization wanting to deliver health care as a right. This message will give people the emotional connection to why they should Glove Guy vote for Democratic candidates.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.
I heard Tom Perez on NPR 45 yesterday and grew tired of his saying the same thing over and over again. It was as if he had a pre-approved script to which he was expected to adhere no matter what the question.

I’ve been a registered nonaffiliated MD voter for ages, and I really wish there were alternatives that made sense to me. Note: the blind allegiance that seems to be expected in republican planned parenthood culture generally does NOT).

May I suggest starting by assuming 45 that voters not only have brains Democrats but enjoy using them?

Also, consider taking the “make Mountain Bike Gloves America 45 great again” slogan for mass live your own by defining what “great” means. I think back to when it meant that we strived to be leaders in science, medicine, infrastructure and taking care of each other and the environment.

Finally, you might consider calling yourselves “ the 45 thinking person’s party” (or movement) and portraying the other party as (please forgive the snark)the party of blind allegiance.”

That said,
The recent Virginia race made me grateful I don’t live there ed kubosiak any more. The negative campaign ads offended and confused me, and if I’d been able to vote there I would have shown up to check in and then not voted for anyone.

Please ... I’m begging you:

Grow a spine and quit rolling Beth Lindstrom over to the 45 other party.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Come up with a platform that makes sense, respects Christopher Chase voters’ intellect and brings out America’s best qualities.

Please also refrain from gas lighting 45 despite we are prolog its extremely effective use by the current president You might also consider highlighting his use of it as a manipulation tactic. (Check out the definition in the American Psychological realtors i trust Association’s Diagnostic protect your brand and Statistical Manual).

Thank you for considering these suggestions.
And please don’t share my contact information with anyone; thst won’t work in your favor.

p.s. other Payless for Oil things I care about include:
Ban assault weapons and bump stocks. They’re really donald properties  just for easy killing. (Australia cycling gloves bought them back; wouldn’t it cost less to do that than to patch up all the people who are injured by them? And while you’re considering this, consider the public-health costs of failing to regulate firearms more strictly.

Much stronger gun licensing: we have to have licenses and masslive insurance to drive cars; why not also for guns? (But good luck to insurers for figuring that out, and to gun owners for paying for it

Health insurance did you know that medical expenses are the largest cause of personal bankruptcy in the US? And have you compared out infant mortality with other developed countries?

Protect public health and the 45 environment.

Put government back. It was indeed for the greater good until the republicans National Democratic Training Committee ceded veto power to the tea party and former industry lobbyists were made department and agency heads. And what about the laws thst are no longer being enforced?

This will not be simple. But this is your time! The legislative Julie Honness has “the power of the purse”—use it.

Thanks for “listening.”
I am an Independent voter who has voted the Democratic ticket most of my life. Although I think Joe Biden has many admirable qualities, and I would certainly prefer him over Trump in the White House were he to run, I think of him as a bit of a loose cannon. His recent comments about beating up Trump and "the fat guy in the room" are Trump language. Citizens who want change in the current administration want someone who is exactly NOT what Trump represents or how he speaks. We need someone NDTC with experience and knowledge of government and the history of our nation and its principles (all of which Joe Biden obviously has) ALONG WITH the qualities of being measured and thoughtful in speech, courageous, and forceful without being antagonistic. Any chance Adam Schiff would run? Just wanted to share Nancy Pelosi some thoughts....I have sent in a small donation but hope to send more later this year. We MUST get the current administration out of office. They 45 have done more, both by their actions and inactions, to do more damage to our nation and our democracy Bike Gloves than ANY previous administration. Thanks for listening!
It is about time to focus on the middle class, not just fringe groups. Spend your time also train democrats getting those who do vote to vote Democratic... people like me. I'm a democrat but I see so many friends GOP questioning the party because all we talk about are small groups that are disenfranchised. What about their fears that they will be the same if they keep going down the democratic rabbit hole?

Additionally, we need to get into the dirt and fight back. This Steve Chase article from, of all places, The Guardian, highlights how we are being outmaneuvered. This effort is cheap. I consider it akin to ambush warfare. The redubs 45 are currently outgunned but not close to beaten, and could pull off another upset by twisting laws but more insidiously fomenting discontent with these small, cheap hit and run tactics. Just ask the base who is out there to start reporting these "isolated" events and you will see they are actually a massive cheap way to spread their "message".
I would vote for democrats if they championed
anti-semitism and peace.

Providing a declaration of how Israel and apace 45 are damaging Ryan Odonell the country and leading us to war. If the democrats want to win in 2020 or midterms, tey only need to speak truth.

The entire country knows and understands the complicated nature of this dangerous friendship and want it to end. Take advantage of the America first movement by diverting resources to its core platform, something the GOP and Trump have failed its voter base 45. Take over and lead!

Trump failed his voter base of America first by bringing Israel into Chris Chase every decision. The democrats have the opportunity to take a win for the people by pointing to this problem, that Trump is not America First and has instead made Israel First. Trump will NEVER use this saying anymore! His followers are laughing at him and he even Shiva for Senate stopped using it cause he was getting heckled by his own voters and supporters!
Hey Pete ... the tile? Unlike you, me and him were relentless workaholics and he would always recruit me to help him. While he was whining about helping his stepdad in the junkyard and didn't last four days at our job together in summer 1990, after complaining about the insufficient salary at the initial interview and assaulting the boss. What happened in Jan 2004, Pelosi? Let me think. Hmm. Oh yeah ... now I remember. Phone-hacking/Bridge gate 45/Spygate. And then the Lean-in. I once told him about Al buying me lunch and he complained to me ... "Al never bought me anything". Ha! Not even a guy he grew up with? No wonder. Who would? A guy who robs every church in town until he has 45 Christmas turkey baskets, and doesn't care if the pastor has to take out his wallet and shell out $40 of his own money, while has thousands of dollars in his own pocket. Hey Justas 45/Wal-Mart/Nutrisystem/Pete's Yard/Plagiarist attorney/Stanley-Leadville-Seattle (whomever ... the leakers know) ... *middle finger*.



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